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Born in Holland and educated in the degree of Psychology at the University of Groningen in 1977, Coks Feenstra is a child psychologist who writes for two Spanish magazines Crecer Feliz (Grow up Happily, since 1988) and Psychologies (Psychology, 2005). Among her books are El Gran Libro de los Gemelos, an extend work about pregnancy, birth and education of twins (1999 first edition, 2007 second edition), which is going to be published in The Netherlands and Italy in 2009 in their respective languages; ¡Socorro! Mi hijo no come (2001), in which she advices mothers of children that are poor eaters.Crecer feliz In El día a dia con los hijos (2003) se writes about her own experiences as a mother and in El hijo superdotado (2005) she advises parents of high gifted children.

She also has adapted the books of Beatrijs Smulders and Mariël Croon Embarazo seguro (Safe Pregnancy, 2001), El parto seguro ( Safe Birth, 2002) and Uta Koning´s Book, El Gran Libro de la Fertilidad, (The New Guide about Fertility 2003).

In the beginning of her career, between 1982 and 1986, she wrote 15 articles about children’s education for the Dutch magazines Ouders van Nu (Parents Today), Kinderen (Children) and Groter Groeien (Growing Up). In 1988, after moving to Spain she started working for Crecer Feliz. Until now she published over 400 articles in this magazine. Since 2005 she edits articles about adults and adolescents in a new prestigious journal in Spain, called Psychologies.

PsychologiesApart from her academic and journalistic work Coks Feenstra has been cooperating the last ten years with many associations in which she has been asked to participate in classes, conferences and seminars as a specialist. Among them are: the “V Jornadas de Partos Múltiples” Asociación Madrileña de Partos Múltiples (Madrid Association of Multiple Birth) Madrid, 2006, Asociación Valenciana de Apoyo al Superdotado y Talentoso (Valencia Association for Supporting the High Talented Child), Valencia, 2005, “VI Festival de Gemelos” y “X Festival de Gemelos” for la Asociación de Nacimientos Múltiples de México (Mexican Association of Multiple Births), México 2004 and 2000.

Finally, in 2006, she was invited to be on the jury of the television program Idénticos (Identical Twins), a Spanish gameshow for identical twins.

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